if you have landed on this page, then perhaps you resonate with art that is expressed in urban landscapes, city dwellers, and portraiture.   pleased to make your aquaintance!     I invite you to explore the site as it grows, and contact me with questions, comments or requests.   I love doing portrait commissions.

I am a sovereign spirit, truth seeker, purveyor of freedom, self-actualized non-conformist thinker, with a passion for meditation, martial arts, and self-directed well-being.  the inner determines the outer.  and heaven is a state of mind.  I trust the kind of wisdom that is harnessed from direct experience and intuition, where one’s own conclusions stand firm.   it is vital to cultivate individual sovereignty.   I worship no one.   self-inquiry is a must.    solitude is enriching.  outer space is a grand illusion.  the sun is very close.   abstract conversations steeped in rational thought,  philosophy, and mysticism inspire me.   I look to art that exhibits high craftsmanship.  I have a particular fondness for stray dogs, swords and warriors of old.     the Tao Te Ching aligns with my soul.   I appreciate my ancestors.     my origins are Austrian.  but the idea of home is not a place, but a feeling.  my curiosity has led me throughout Europe, North-America, Australia, and the Middle East.   and more terrain to be explored.     how did i come to painting?    Jazz piano studies in New Orleans served as a prelude.   Urban dwellers and faces catch my eyes.   read a short paragraph on my art process here: